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finite element analysis

FEA is the analysis of mechanical, electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, heat and fluid systems. Finite element analysis is a way of mathematically modeling the stresses on an engineering design. FEA can be applied to any physics problem we can model mathematically. High quality FEA simulation is the most efficient way to test and optimize products before a single dollar is spent on material - and that's what we do best. Whether you need help with generating high quality FEA models or you're looking for fully integrated project solutions, we have you covered.

Structural Analysis: From single components to complex assemblies and simple stiffness analysis to detailed stress analysis, we can provide FEA services that are tailor-made to your engineering challenges.

Thermal Analysis: Thermal response is often the subject of finite element (FEA) study. Thermal analysis allows detailed temperature and heat-flow mapping and can be combined with mechanical analysis in multi-physics thermo-mechanical simulations.

Fatigue and Fracture Analysis: Developing high quality, efficient finite element (FEA) models is only the first step in predicting actual failure of engineering components and structures. Defining failure criteria and understanding fatigue durability is essential to truly robust design.

Explicit Dynamic Analysis: For some applications, like crash testing, metal forming and explosive or ballistic events, static analysis just can't resolve the physics. In these situations, explicit FEA can be applied to properly capture the highly dynamic, time dependent events. 

Optimization: While traditional design methodologies still have their place in modern engineering, the advent of highly efficient, FEA based design optimization technology often offers a more timely and cost-efficient option.

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